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20 Pips a Day Forex Strategy: A Reliable Approach for Consistent Profits

The world of forex trading offers numerous strategies to help traders achieve their financial goals. One such strategy is the "20 Pips a Day" strategy, which focuses on generating consistent profits by aiming for a modest yet achievable target of 20 pips per day. In this article, we will delve into the details of this strategy and explore how it can be effectively implemented to enhance your trading success.
20 Pips a Day

Understanding the 20 Pips a Day Forex Strategy

The 20 Pips a Day strategy is a simple and straightforward approach that involves capturing 20 pips (price interest points) from the market each day. It is based on the principle that by consistently making small profits, traders can accumulate significant gains over time. This strategy is particularly suitable for traders who prefer shorter-term trades and do not wish to expose themselves to prolonged market risks.

The Benefits of the 20 Pips a Day Forex Strategy

Implementing the 20 Pips a Day strategy can offer several advantages for traders. Firstly, it promotes discipline and consistency in trading. By setting a specific target of 20 pips per day, traders are more likely to adhere to their trading plan and avoid impulsive decision-making. Secondly, this strategy allows traders to focus on quality trades rather than quantity. By aiming for a modest profit target, traders can prioritize the accuracy of their trades and avoid unnecessary risks.

Choosing the Right Currency Pair

To effectively implement the 20 Pips a Day strategy, it is crucial to select the appropriate currency pair. It is recommended to choose major currency pairs, such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD, or USD/JPY, as they tend to have higher liquidity and lower spreads. These pairs provide ample trading opportunities, making it easier to achieve the desired 20-pip target.

Implementing the 20 Pips a Day Forex Strategy

1. Timeframe Selection

The first step in implementing the 20 Pips a Day strategy is to choose the right timeframe. Traders often opt for shorter timeframes, such as 15 minutes or 1 hour, as they allow for quick identification of trading opportunities and faster execution of trades. However, it is important to find a timeframe that aligns with your trading style and preferences.

2. Technical Analysis

Technical analysis plays a vital role in the 20 Pips a Day strategy. Traders should use various technical indicators, such as moving averages, support and resistance levels, and trend lines, to identify potential entry and exit points. These tools help traders make informed decisions and increase the probability of successful trades.

3. Entry and Exit Strategy

When implementing the 20 Pips a Day strategy, traders should define clear entry and exit points for their trades. For example, a trader may choose to enter a trade when the price breaks above a significant resistance level and exit the trade when a predetermined profit of 20 pips is achieved. It is crucial to stick to the predefined rules and not let emotions dictate trading decisions.

Risk Management and Money Management

Risk-to-Reward Ratio

Managing risk is paramount in any trading strategy, including the 20 Pips a Day approach. Traders should determine an appropriate risk-to-reward ratio for each trade to ensure that potential losses are limited. A common practice is to aim for a risk-to-reward ratio of 1:2 or higher, meaning that the potential profit should be at least twice the amount of the potential loss.

Position Sizing

Another essential aspect of risk management is proper position sizing. Traders should calculate the appropriate lot size or position size based on their account balance and risk tolerance. It is advisable to risk only a small percentage of the trading capital on each trade, typically between 1% and 2%. This approach helps protect the trading account from significant drawdowns and allows for consistent and sustainable growth.

Stop Loss and Take Profit Levels

Setting stop loss and take profit levels is crucial in the 20 Pips a Day strategy. Traders should place a stop loss order below the entry point to limit potential losses if the market moves against their position. Similarly, a take profit order should be set at a level that ensures a profit of 20 pips. It is essential to avoid moving these levels arbitrarily and stick to the initial plan.

Psychology and Discipline

Managing Emotions

Successful implementation of the 20 Pips a Day strategy requires managing emotions effectively. Traders should remain disciplined and avoid making impulsive decisions based on fear or greed. It is important to trust the trading plan and follow the predefined rules consistently. Emotional stability and rational decision-making are vital for long-term success.

Keeping a Trading Journal

Maintaining a trading journal is highly recommended for traders utilizing the 20 Pips a Day strategy. A trading journal helps track trades, analyze performance, and identify areas for improvement. It provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of the strategy and helps traders refine their approach over time.


The 20 Pips a Day Forex strategy offers a reliable and systematic approach to trading, aiming for consistent profits by capturing 20 pips per day. By implementing this strategy with discipline, proper risk management, and sound technical analysis, traders can increase their chances of success in the forex market. Remember to choose suitable currency pairs, define clear entry and exit points, and adhere to the principles of risk management. With patience and practice, the 20 Pips a Day strategy can be a valuable tool in your trading arsenal.

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